Our process begins with access to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts (if you have these, if not we can set them up) for us to produce an initial audit. We look at your users, how they interact with the site, important metrics like bounce rate and exit rate, and try to come up with a picture of what your users do mainly on the site, and where they drop off.

From there, we dig into any paid ads you might be running and come up with cost-benefit analysis, to see if we can streamline or improve your campaigns.

Finally, we conduct a technical audit of the site, looking for SEO issues, speed issues, anything that might affect how your users land on and interact with your site.

Once we’ve completed this step, it’s time to discuss with you, the client, about how we might implement our improvements to either your analytics setup, or to your website through Conversion Rate Optimisation practices. We typically do this through videoconferencing, where (to be honest) we mostly listen. Numbers and analytics don’t tell us about your business goals, your aspirations, so we mostly use these opening meetings to learn more about you and where you want to go.

From there, we come up with a full programme of work with costings that you can then digest and come back to us for further discussion.

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Why WebOptimize

High quality web development to help you squeeze more life out of your web presence

We have over 20 years collective experience in Web Development and surrounding technologies. We've created over 50 websites for various different clients, both large and small. We've worked on full stack development platforms and small, old, outdated Wordpress systems too.

At every step of the way, we pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job for our clients, going above and beyond to ensure that all angles have been thought of for your project.

And we're also experts at making sure that you are getting a good ROI from your website, by analysing data trends and experimenting on the website or advertising campaigns to make more impact from your existing setup.

  • Bags of experience
  • Friendly, open and engaging staff
  • Laser focus on results

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