Our course begins with the very basics – what is a server, how does a domain name link to that server, what comprises a website. We then move on from there to bring in web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, and take steps to get you set up with your own sandbox development server so that you can learn and play around with the new tech you’re learning.

From there, we’ll cover basic web development concepts, advice on how to improve your skills, and tips and hints on how to troubleshoot problems and issues that you might face.

More than that though, we aim to give you an all-encompassing look at what goes into being a developer, and the best ways to excel at your new path. We want to teach the next generation of developers so that they can take their knowledge on and do great things in the world of tech.

The course comprises 40% video, 40% textual content and 20% quizzes and e-learning. We break the course into 10 easily digestible chunks which means you can learn at your leisure.

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Why WebOptimize

Top quality courses to help you advance your skills

Our courses are designed to take you from any experience level to a confident developer, comfortable with all aspects of web development and beyond, including programming, servers, domain names, and much more.

Our advanced developer course then takes you through further and more complicated setups, such as Wordpress, Node.js, ES6 Javascript and SASS for styling. This will aim to advance your development skills and provide a platform for you to further your development.

Our collective 20 years of experience in the field means you know you're getting top quality training. Our courses use a mix of video, text content, quizzes and hands-on work to advance your skills.

Our courses are updated bi-annually so that we keep on top of the tech that matters.

  • Bags of experience
  • Engaging, interesting courses
  • Top tips you won't get from other courses

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